Saturday, 14 August 2010

Drawings at Bungalows n Bears, Sheffield. July 22nd 2010

My lovely mate Kerry and her lovely beau John invited me to exhibit some work at Bungalows n Bears in Sheffield.
The drawings I showed were three black ink pen drawings, roughly the same size and the same kind of style, on white paper. I think the drawings each depict something different but are situated in the same world - a delicate and obsessive, restricted world. A sense of longing to move? To break free? To spread their legs and fuck?..A desire to liberate oneself..

It was the second time that I'd shown work in a pub in Sheffield. I think it's a good way to get your work noticed, but it didn't feel to be the right kind of setting for the work..or maybe it was..discreetly hidden away..not that noticeable..subtle?


  1. was this show part of unquiet desperation? I had some in bungalows a just over a week ago.
    thanks for the comments on my post by the way. I think it is more than important to talk about things such as eating disorders - it is crucial because they are personal traces of the damage done by capitalism (and it is a disorder which could only ever exist in capitalist societies, for countless reasons which im too tired to bang on ab out right now). your blog is really good, its a shame i missed your show, as i went but couldnt find your work before it closed for the day!. ive permantley deleted my facebook now, which i feel good about becasue, barr a few contacts, i reviled all that became customary amongst the majority of its users.

  2. Hi John, yeah it was, it was in the summer when I showed there I think. Are you showing anymore work there?
    Thanks, I'll post some images and info about the exhibition I have coming up in January soon.
    Yeah it is important to talk about eating disorders, and I think you can talk about it when it is confronted, which then opens your eyes to the reasons of why and where it stemmed from.
    Was nice to see you yesterday, and let me know if ya fancy going for a drink..and a rant!haha.

  3. yeah that'd be good. ill have to get your number so it can be arranged. was going to meet up with mikk one day, maybe we could all meet up?

  4. Yeah that sounds good, my number is 07925067199 so just give me a text whenever you're free, be great to have a catch up.