Saturday, 14 August 2010

New keyboard/synth! July 9th 2010

I always wanted to play the piano from a young age but I never persued it, I played the recorder a lot instead. Last year I was going to have lessons but then I just decided to teach myself as I did with the recorder and with drawing and painting. I couldn't really afford to by something really big so I started to look at synths, I love the 80's electronic sound..Depeche Mode..Erasure..The Knife..after browsing a bit I found a vintage synth called 'Korg MicroKorg' I heard the demos and decided to buy it. When it arrived, the weight of it made me think that it was going to be really tacky, but when I had a play with it it was amazing! I couldn't believe the range and variety of sounds it created. You can change the temp, Pitch, MOD, cut off, resonance.. It also has a microphone too..a vocoder..which makes you sound like a computer or a robot..

An old friend and I have been working together a few times with the synth and his loop machine which has been great. You can create songs with the loop machine, record them and then get them onto your computer. I haven't yet figured out how to record on to the Korg/get the music onto the computer.

I have made some videos though..there not great but I'm just getting started with it!

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