Monday, 13 December 2010

Group Exhibition in Sheffield

''I would assume that you are bright enough not to buy the surface of my grotesque but know how to push it aside in order to see what's really there. Me. I am here. Buried beneath these unspeakable things.''*

Undaunted. Unanswered. Unfinished. Unwanted. Unaware. Unnerving. Unresolved. Unassured. Unadorned. Unnoticed.
Melting away with silence.
My emaciated body inflicts and fixates, over, not you, but the unseen and the untouched.
When something goes/is unanswered, it carries on, it lingers, it is left open; to torture and torment. We survive for these unanswered questions. If all the questions of life were answered, what would be the point in living?
An unfinished body, in the primal realm of nature, incomplete and unashamed. It carries on forever.

* A. M. Holmes - 'The End of Alice'


  1. you'll have to let me know about this one Jade. as I'm not on facebook thus can't access the link. but I'd like to get down if I can. when's it on?

  2. Hia John, the private view is on 7th Jan from 6-8pm it's at four thirty three in Sheff, I think the work will be on for either a week or two after that. Hope you can make it.

  3. OK, got your number. Didn't realise 433 was still open, that's good news.
    I'll try to make it down