Wednesday, 14 September 2011

An r.i.p to Dad

A few weeks ago I found out that my dad had been taken into hospital with liver and kidney failure. The last time I saw him was 8 years ago, all the time in between then and now wondering where he is, if he was still alive and if he remembered that he had a family. I knew that I wanted to visit him in hospital straight away but I didn't know how shocked I was going to be when I got there. Before he was found outside the hospital in a delirious state he'd been living in a care home for a couple of years and before that was living homeless on the streets of Bradford. 

A few months before I found out about this I'd been thinking about my dad quite a lot, wondering about whether he was still alive or not. As I was wondering, these words entered my head then my notebook..

No father,
 iridescent of time and place.
Colours and peace conjure within, connecting with signs of life.
 Unreachable, for now, but finding their way. 
Leading the lions through dusty sands, graceful and ever watching, mind takes to travel and travel takes to mind.
Windy, warm desert, lost, alone but present.
I know he's still alive, I feel him in my blood.
My blood is your blood.
Our blood is still and flows through time.
Will I ever see you again?

No father. No father.



  1. Jade, what can I say? There is a hug here if you could do with one xxx

  2. really sorry to hear about this jade. hope you're well