Friday, 16 December 2011

The Swan

The other night I had a horrible dream. In my dream I could see a swan that was bruised and covered in blood, cowering, below a man, who was beating it with a bat. He was beating this beautiful living creature to death with a baseball bat. The swan was looking at me as if for help; agonising sadness in its pure, black eyes. And I could do nothing, I was helpless. I woke myself up sobbing.
The image in my dream stuck with me the whole day, and it provoked a feeling in me that I could not shake.
The look in the swans eyes stuck with me the most, its eyes provoked me because the swan portrayed the same emotions that I feel - sadness, helplessness, pain - human emotions. Humans and animals share the same emotions and feelings.
How can we inflict pain on other living creatures that breathe and feel, just as we do?

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