Saturday, 11 August 2012

Life is Sex

''I must learn to choose who I should open my heart to.''

Sex is an expression of how we're feeling, through sex our emotions are expressed, and they can either be loving or violent, aggressive or tender, confused or conscious.
Through sex we express our soul and if our soul is nourished and aware, we are then free to choose who we open our hearts to with sensual awareness and care.

''Life is sex.''

If the jagged edges fit,
curl amongst my clit,
I'll always remember it.
A finger slips
through time.
Take your time.
A deer I did follow,
and through sands,
I melted.
Your hands became mine.
Floating through time.
Floating through time.
Through sex,
I came alive.

Life is sexuality. You're sexuality is life.
Your life.
''Life is sex.''

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