Monday, 14 March 2011

synthy vibes!!

Having got back into playing the korg recently, I've been letting the sounds flow and creating a kind of 'improv' atmosphere. I try not to think when I'm playing the synth and just feel, which is more difficult than you'd think! but, once I get into it, it becomes natural.
I've made a few videos which I will glady share on here, they're nothing special and not very long as I don't have the best video camera..and apologies for the distracting clicks in the background..I need to work on that!
I'm aiming to put these sounds together with visuals, and I shall see how that goes..
I think it's best to listen to the videos without the visual, that's how I prefer it anyway :)

Also, I went into the book/vinyl shop on devonshire green today, (I can't remember the name of it,) I was quietly looking through some books on homosexuality, and debating whether or not to buy a postcard with a woman on the front dashing salt or pepper onto her breast, when my bowls almost gave way from hearing this loud, obscure, sexual hell of a noise.. They are called Merzbow, and I just wish I'd heard of them sooner..