Friday, 11 January 2013

Red Dress

I slipped inside
with you in mind.
You never noticed,
I was too kind,
I opened, 

Slip inside,
this dress of mine.
Skinless stains.
Stay true; divine.

In your arms,
I was never ending,
But in your lies,
I became,

A pearl in shimmering shades of red,

I was never alive, nor was I dead

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Women of the Light

Some suffer alone, without ever telling anyone,
with only the night time to comfort them,
with only the moon and the stars to guide them; reminding them of their light.

These angels become wise without even realising,
 and they hold a wisdom so strong, that they themselves don't even recognise it.
These angels are women of the night, in search of, and finding their way – towards the light.

Women of the night, become women of the light.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Crimson love

Roses in your heart, confirm your love for me.
Recoil memories from your childhood's heartbeat.
Resist your crown of love,
resist it all for me.

Tender is your heart, tenderist it's been.
Memories of your soul, glittering like gold.
Do you remember me?

Forgotten through the years,
She unwrapped herself in tears.
Shining like the sun, her life has now begun.

Protector of one in crimson,
loving the earthly sheets.
I am no man,
nor beast,
but woman.


Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Star Maiden

My egg
wrapped in netting.
Grounded by five
spikes of the porcupine; out of Africa,
a woman She became.


She had no legs, 
just an ovary
of infinite size.
Compatibly sweet and uniform.
Her name, dazzles like the stars,
and shines upon her face;
Ever watching and warming - 
our sweetest Angel, Grace.


(A swan protecting her eggs)





Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Ribbon and Rose

Rose petals scattered in the sink

''Let yourself in,'' said the dearest.

And with the faintest of a twitch, the wise old witch spoke but one final verse..
''Our dearest earth; do with it what you will, but in all that you claim, and all that you carry, you should know but only this...''
But before she could finish her brave spoken words, her last riddle of breath became fled and dampened by the young girl's sudden absence, and all that she left behind her, in the grave sullen sink, were three tiny petals, of lily, rose and pink.
''Such sweet little curls,'' the white witch admired,
''Such a sweet little girl.''

In a ribbon of three..I unfurl


Monday, 5 November 2012


He roams as a distant follower
unaware of her charm;
her real charm.
Instead he just floats, and forgets
and buries his hurt
into her own,
one that she carries, all alone.
Waiting for a love
so pure,
all because
he was unsure.
Now she hovers like a rainbow,
appearing only when it rains,
in his darkened, dampened sky.
But soon she'll hover elsewhere
in someone else's sky.
She never deserved the pain.


For now she hides under a blanket of rust
hiding her tears in her fingers.
She crouches low and hides her desire.
She longs to travel and to share her fire.
Flames of a broken heart beat gently.
He savaged her icy breath.
The waves of a pearl ride gently,
rowing their way towards death.

June '12