Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Golden Curse

I knew I was blessed,
Before I was cursed.

Just like fairy dust,
They shot our splinters
And ground our dust into gold.

Now heaven no longer needs us,
Because she already has our souls.

Splinters and arrows
Form into rust.

Splinters and arrows
Turn into dust

Treasured, just like Gold

Saturday, 18 August 2012

'A merging of Male and Female'

''There has always been sexual suggestiveness in my work. Sometimes I am totally concerned with female shapes - clusters of breasts like clouds - but often I merge the imagery - phallic breasts, male and female, active and passive. This marble sculpture - my Femme Cocteau - embodies the polarity of woman, the destructive and the seductive. Why do women become hatchet women? They were not born that way. They were made that way out of fear. In the Femme Cocteau, the woman turns into a blade, she is defensive. She identifies with the penis to defend herself. A girl can be terrified of the world. She feels vulnerable because she can be wounded by the penis. So she tries to take on the weapon of the aggressor. There is a problem stemming from childhood and from lack of sensible, sympathetic education. When I was young, sex was talked of as a dangerous thing; sexuality was forbidden. It is important to show girls that it is natural to be sexual and that men also can feel helpless and vulnerable. When I was at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, we had a nude male model. One day he looked around and saw a woman student and suddenly he had an erection. I was shocked - then I thought, what a fantastic thing, to reveal your vulnerability, to be so publicly exposed. We are all vulnerable in some way, and we are all male-female.''

- Louise Bourgeois

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


''What you call cruelty,'' the Goddess of love retorted,'' is the very substance of sensual and natural love. It is woman's true nature to give herself wherever she loves and to love whatever pleases her.''

Memories are warm, like milk.
I coughed and I sank in the silk; bliss.
Sweet remnants of a kiss.
The hush of a heartbeat, the hush of a scent comes crawling back,
in the ribbons of a flower whilst I writhe;
loins burning, lions rearing.
A protective sex is emerging, lying in the fragments of sand.
Glittering microbes,
give me your hand.

Love, a temptation?
We no longer let ourselves be loved.
Because when we love and when we're loved, we're dangerous – we come alive – love makes us come alive and it makes us true, true to our own hearts and to others, love makes us calm and truthful, and the society in which we live is afraid of that, because it's a damage to the system.
Love reeks havoc on capitalism, so the system drowns it out of us, it sucks the life from us and leaves us lifeless and loveless..afraid of touch and truth for fear of offending anyone.

Lambs little ears are perched, 
undoing silent buttons in the background.
I feel no hurts, I make no sound.
The body I am in is mine.
Beg to take rest in a bed full of riddles and charms.
How could we ever unravel a riddle, without first ever knowing our hearts.

''...but if one of you so much as dares to kiss my crimson lips..

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Life is Sex

''I must learn to choose who I should open my heart to.''

Sex is an expression of how we're feeling, through sex our emotions are expressed, and they can either be loving or violent, aggressive or tender, confused or conscious.
Through sex we express our soul and if our soul is nourished and aware, we are then free to choose who we open our hearts to with sensual awareness and care.

''Life is sex.''

If the jagged edges fit,
curl amongst my clit,
I'll always remember it.
A finger slips
through time.
Take your time.
A deer I did follow,
and through sands,
I melted.
Your hands became mine.
Floating through time.
Floating through time.
Through sex,
I came alive.

Life is sexuality. You're sexuality is life.
Your life.
''Life is sex.''

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Porcelain Petal

She shivered a castaways dream
Life remained unseen
Until a familiar touch
A familiar sting
Opened her gateway to being.

In the centre of my crown
I inject
I glisten in robes
And welcome, the noble warrior from home.
As gentle as my innards
And as subtle as my screams
This man in me did enter
The pathway to my dreams.
''Such a beautiful rose
Such a beautiful feather''
Father subsided and drowned
And in my heart I found
The child I had shut out
And the woman who I'd drowned.
Bathed in blossomed buckets
I gently raised her head
From the blood stained tepid water.
Rose petals scattered her cheeks.
Falling from the sky;
Rosy tears
Moistened blackened eyes.
She came alive
She came alive in my arms
And as she knelt forwards
She melted her lips to my feet
And on soggy soddened ground
We merged.
Her head rose up as she stiffened,
We twirled into one,
I accepted my darkness
I accepted 
Aloud and in song
We merged into one
We merged into one


Wings of a golden heart
Replaced by a silver tongue
Leopard races through time
Lion dutifully waits
She waits for the right one
Her protector is her prey
She never followed his way
But instead she waited
She waited for her heart to be captured
For her love to be devoured.
A calling from her master
Awakened her natural senses
And she followed his scent to the heavens
She followed his scent to touch
And without ever knowing too much
She breathed in his breath
Fragments falling within each beat
Of her bleeding heart
Inconsistent and itchy
Itching from her own unintentional spell
Uncovering a radar so deep
That no man ever found the words to tell
That his hunter was his protector 
and his protector was his prey.
Lion leaves no image 
Only a tongue
Of ribboned scars
Falling flat and juicy
Her eyes rest in the stars