Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Spider Web

''You can die but you're never dead, spider web.''

As she pulls and weaves in each of her threads,
her veins trigger salty nerves.


Each little finger bleeds amongst the fur.

My lovely little girl
My lovely little girl 

When you die bleeding,
and come out screaming,
all that remains within you is joy;
pure pearls of timeless wisdom.

''I would give anything in my silence,''
she said

as her fingers carried her threads, and she crawled back peacefully,
back inside her spider's web.


Tuesday, 16 October 2012


When you find your soul, never look back

I pray for love
And I pray for guidance.
Reasoning matters not,
For reasoning beyond your understanding leads to madness.

Sheets of red linen
Curl upon the floor.
A tear drop stains 
The eyes of an innocent child.
A curse,
Or a gift, to be alive?

''Naked beauties - alive, abandoned, devoted.''

She silenced her whispering
And spoke the words she had just read - 
''Feeling is the language of the soul.''
And to her surprise, with an answer, God softly said..
''If you want to know what's true for you about something, look to how you're feeling about it.''

Transparent, transient
Intricate, delicate
But stronger than you could ever know

I will never leave you


Saturday, 6 October 2012

The hush of Venus

''Society, I feared, still believed the sexually forward woman to be harmful to the fabric of civilization.''

What is it in woman, inside us, that is feared? That we ourselves are afraid of?
Is it life? Death?
Do we veil a secret that has been so long for kept?
Do we fear both the symbol of life and the symbol of woman? The secret that is hidden inside of us? The gateway to eternal pleasure? This symbol that has been portrayed as the goat; as the Devil, for many years, and thus why we've been hidden, hushed away in the dark, our silence eating away at us.
We hold the Devil's mark, he lives within our blood.
Time to make a change.
We've been silent for long enough.

''Wisdom, she says, lies in tearing out the heart as soon as possible, before sorrow settles in it.''

Tempered little jewel,
mistake me not for evil
I am wise beyond my years
The secret lies inside you

''You are creating it, as it is creating you.''

Floating in transparency, I fall
through pigments in time.

Tempered little jewel.

''I am mine.''

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

''Crime, punishment'' beautiful as the strong atavistic bonds between man and the earth, deep, cosmic, simply - 

''The police find them, together, the two of them, in the first flare of twilight, completely naked, painting long phallusoid candles on the wall with yellow paint, the sickly colour of tuberculosis.
Enough fucking around, say the policemen.
Amedeo Modigliani drops his paintbrush, turns and looks blatantly at the gentleman with moustaches.
Get ready, they say.
Ten minutes later, he sets off down the dark stairway, treading slowly, at an almost funereal pace, accompanied by the tense gentlemen with moustaches.''

Ambers jagged edges come clean.
They remain, as yet, unseen.

''A beautiful bird
came to them
and said -