Thursday, 28 June 2012

Murmurs of Nature

Delicate moths light up the darkest of night, but dwell in the darkness in order to notice the light.
A wing'd flame rests below her cheek
 ''a relationship fed with curiosity and spiced with danger.''
The softest touch from the murmurs of nature.
The rhythms and the moans, felt from the outer, felt from within, feed each other
''a shifting web of meanings that we felt on our skin.''

Nature is a beauty of sound and sight.
Resting in the darkness, resting in the night.
Darkness feeds light.
Darkness feeds light.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Devil has no name

''She's full of sex, that demon is, full of sex and untold secrets.''

She who possesses and feels the red blood flowing through her veins, She who cries out in the middle of the night, She who has no shame. She is the Devil, for the Devil has no name.

Friday, 22 June 2012


‘OUR’ big society

Ok ‘Dave’ (my, that’s a very chummy name you have there, I bet you were a right lad in your youth), since you still proceed with your Big Society idea we’ll form one! The thing is, our big society might not be what you were wanting.
If you think the state is so unnecessarily bloated, well our big society’s OK with that: we’ll get rid of the state, all of it.
There can never be 'no such thing as society,' but there can be no such thing as state. Maybe you and your party, in all your pomposity, have actually gone too far this time, and whilst you were trying to return us to the harshness’s of the past, whilst you clawed back the land, you’ve actually made us realise we no longer need the likes of you.

- John Ledger

Society of Guilt

Communication is a language, human sexuality is a language. Intimacy and secrecy are vital to human sexuality, sexuality brings us a desire for immateriality. Love and sexuality are immaterial.
The more we are consuming, the more we are pushing aside our true feelings. Why do we consume? To make ourselves feel better – a short term happiness, but material objects don’t really satisfy our happiness, for if they did, we wouldn’t feel the need to keep on consuming. Our desire to consume becomes ever more hungry. Are we afraid to deal with the truth? To confront our fears, our reality and our sexuality?

- Jade Lauren

Globalsapiens. x

Sunday, 17 June 2012


''His loving touch.''

''He knew what he was doing.''

But does she know what she wants?

You said you beat inside my heart

I felt a part of His loneliness

I felt a part of His pain

Real love ripples in the dark,

..but the only one I loved, never knew my heart.


Nestled between my armpit and my palm,
rests my breast,
soft and full
between my palm and my chest.
She breathes,
alive and well,
just as I breathe,
now I am well.

''Allow the body to unfold in its own time.''

Friday, 15 June 2012


We strange little creatures get attached to things much too easily.
A raindrop attach's not to the rose as it falls onto her petal lips, they feel each other and know each other right there in the moment; in that moment, and then they move on, they keep living, feeling and growing as they do so.
But we creatures cling, we cling and we attach, craving the same touch and the same feelings over again, maybe to feed our unconscious desires, or to stay close to what we know for comfort and safety.
But what if we opened up to our conscious desires?
What if we became open to other conscious feelings and touch?
Wouldn't we open up a consciousness in ourselves? Wouldn't we grow along the way? Wouldn't we blossom and change?
A flower doesn't grow alone
Wouldn't we then become a part of life; conscious and active? Sexually active - ever changing, experiencing and feeling?
A beat in the heart of life's modern eye.
A conscious change. Evolving.

''Be in a world which includes everything. Not just what you want.''

A petal painted her lips, dew drops dripped south
Falling, ever so gently, along a red and vibrant mouth.

''Life is sex''