Monday, 25 July 2011

snow white in Berlin

In a dark cushioned cave with a beer in hand

white, white skin
red, red lips
blacken haired doll, approaches me with a smile

Sat beside a rainy window
my leather arse perfectly in place as I watched the passers by, taking in the seedy sounds from the place where I met snow white..

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlin

Filled with art, people and good vibes!!, graffiti, a non-profit organization - interested in people, humanity and existence rather than money! The Berlin government have their sights set on shutting the place down, so the people involved in Tacheles are doing everything they can to get more people involved and in trying to save the place.
There's more info here..

The building was about 3 or 4 stories high and filled with artists studios, craft markets and there was also a sculpture workshop/studio outside. An artists called Alexander Rodin has a studio there..,com_jsgallery/mode,by_artist/artist_id,23/Itemid,49/
his work and studio was mind blowing! It was like stepping into a time machine somewhere into the not so far away future. Paintings covered the walls and there were little sculptural experiments scattered on the wheels, empty glasses/bottles, lamps, paint, lights; it reminded me of the strange creature lady from The Dark Crystal..Aughra!

The creativity and inspiration in this place is immense! It's a real connected, creative community welcoming anyone and everyone. This is what art is - life! Existence! It's living..and especially for the Now!

I also met an artist there called Barbara Frogagna, she had an exhibition on there..
Her work was really beautiful..paintings, sculptures, drawings and personal thoughts on scraps of paper (which were all contained in a glass box). There was also music playing throughout, a Spanish or Italian woman singing along with a guitar, which added to the mood of the work in the exhibition.

It was a very intimate exhibition; a delicate insight into perceptions and experiences with love, anguish, sex and despair..I loved it.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Berlin 02.07.2011

Grey, rainy day.
Saw beautiful photographs in a beautiful building..

The exhibition included photographs by Sibylle Bergemann, Gregory Crewdson and Timotheus Tomicek/Kathrin Schonegg..
The building was amazing and so were the photographs, each room was something different but they all had a sinister but seductive vibe to them. The first room with the photos by Sibylle Bergemann took me back to childhood; distorted visions of nature and dolls, each tainted with touch. The photographs were tiny polaroids, there must have been about a hundred; concealed in delicate frames.
The next room was like a modern Victorian age, with photographs by Tomicek/Schonegg, slightly moving as you stared at them, at first I thought it was me..still slightly pissed..but they were moving but only just, it was like a floaty feather dream; women in dresses reaching out towards you/something and a man's eye; attracting/disturbing.
Before I got to the last room I needed to piss (which surprisingly wasn't as dehydrated as I'd imagined, but pleasingly delightful)
The toilets were just as amazing as the exhibition. I stayed in there for about half and hour, mesmerized, it was like an insane asylum; cold grey walls and tiles, huge sinks and doors, rusty, creaky pipes.
As I made my way to the third room there were some photographs that lured me in just on a wall that led to the room, they were like shots from a crime scene or a film set; grey, stark locations with no sign of life only maybe one or two people. In the room the photographs were huge! Lonely people staring into a distance, in one of them an old woman stands naked in a bleak bathroom, with blood dripping from between her legs. In another, a group of people walk amongst what looks like a destroyed wasteland, covered in scratches and dirt.
I wandered round the building for a good couple of hours, I've never had that feeling in an art gallery before - one that actually provoked emotion and feeling rather than being concerned with who you'll meet or what 'important person' will spot you there. I was totally inspired and touched. Even though the mood wasn't an ecstatically happy one, it was a mood..a feeling..and one that put me in touch with a part of me where there are no words for. 
I felt like a ghost that day, but one with presence.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Devil Women.
The Devil's women.

''I taste his breath on my tongue, and it is beautiful.''