Monday, 5 November 2012


He roams as a distant follower
unaware of her charm;
her real charm.
Instead he just floats, and forgets
and buries his hurt
into her own,
one that she carries, all alone.
Waiting for a love
so pure,
all because
he was unsure.
Now she hovers like a rainbow,
appearing only when it rains,
in his darkened, dampened sky.
But soon she'll hover elsewhere
in someone else's sky.
She never deserved the pain.


For now she hides under a blanket of rust
hiding her tears in her fingers.
She crouches low and hides her desire.
She longs to travel and to share her fire.
Flames of a broken heart beat gently.
He savaged her icy breath.
The waves of a pearl ride gently,
rowing their way towards death.

June '12

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