Tuesday, 29 November 2011

A poem to say Good-Morning

''What says the sun when he first pours
His light thro' yielding eastern doors?
He says, says he: ''Good-morning, all!
Good-morning, flocks and herds,
Good-morning, too, my dears, to you,
Delightful little birds;
Good-morning, meadow, wood, and hill,
Good-morning, stream and flower,
Good-morning, earth, for all you're
Good-morning, roof and tower.''
What says the Sun when up he climbs
And hears the cock-crow and the chimes?
He says: ''All hail, dear Brother Man,
Good-morning, sir and madam;
My love to all, good luck befall
The babes of Eve and Adam;
Good-morning, friend, good-morning,
Good-morning, rich and poor;
Take up your load and seek the road
To heaven's shining door.''
What says, at eventide, the Sun?
Either ''Alas!'' or else ''Well done!''

Harold Begbie

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