Saturday, 14 August 2010

Exhibition at the Clocktower Gallery, Sheffield (Northern General)

'Drawn' took place on July 19th and ran until August 11th 2010. It was a display of artists drawings. I was asked by an artist at Bloc while I was invigilating in the gallery. I had just finished University and  was eager to carry on with my practice so was thrilled to be given the opportunity. The work I had in the exhibition were drawings from my degree show, one large ink drawing and two small pencil sketches. The larger one was intricate and delicately detailed, portraying anguish and anxiety. The smaller two were from private skecthbooks that I had kept whilst at University, I wanted to reveal a part of the hidden, so I chose a series of 5 drawings (for the degree show) and displayed 2 of them in 'Drawn.' They are not as detailed as the larger drawing and were created unconsciously.

The space was amazing!, it was huge and the work seemed to fit in really well. There was a lot of great work there - a huge variety. Some very intricate, some bold and some quick and sketchy.

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