Sunday, 17 July 2011

Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlin

Filled with art, people and good vibes!!, graffiti, a non-profit organization - interested in people, humanity and existence rather than money! The Berlin government have their sights set on shutting the place down, so the people involved in Tacheles are doing everything they can to get more people involved and in trying to save the place.
There's more info here..

The building was about 3 or 4 stories high and filled with artists studios, craft markets and there was also a sculpture workshop/studio outside. An artists called Alexander Rodin has a studio there..,com_jsgallery/mode,by_artist/artist_id,23/Itemid,49/
his work and studio was mind blowing! It was like stepping into a time machine somewhere into the not so far away future. Paintings covered the walls and there were little sculptural experiments scattered on the wheels, empty glasses/bottles, lamps, paint, lights; it reminded me of the strange creature lady from The Dark Crystal..Aughra!

The creativity and inspiration in this place is immense! It's a real connected, creative community welcoming anyone and everyone. This is what art is - life! Existence! It's living..and especially for the Now!

I also met an artist there called Barbara Frogagna, she had an exhibition on there..
Her work was really beautiful..paintings, sculptures, drawings and personal thoughts on scraps of paper (which were all contained in a glass box). There was also music playing throughout, a Spanish or Italian woman singing along with a guitar, which added to the mood of the work in the exhibition.

It was a very intimate exhibition; a delicate insight into perceptions and experiences with love, anguish, sex and despair..I loved it.

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