Saturday, 16 July 2011

Berlin 02.07.2011

Grey, rainy day.
Saw beautiful photographs in a beautiful building..

The exhibition included photographs by Sibylle Bergemann, Gregory Crewdson and Timotheus Tomicek/Kathrin Schonegg..
The building was amazing and so were the photographs, each room was something different but they all had a sinister but seductive vibe to them. The first room with the photos by Sibylle Bergemann took me back to childhood; distorted visions of nature and dolls, each tainted with touch. The photographs were tiny polaroids, there must have been about a hundred; concealed in delicate frames.
The next room was like a modern Victorian age, with photographs by Tomicek/Schonegg, slightly moving as you stared at them, at first I thought it was me..still slightly pissed..but they were moving but only just, it was like a floaty feather dream; women in dresses reaching out towards you/something and a man's eye; attracting/disturbing.
Before I got to the last room I needed to piss (which surprisingly wasn't as dehydrated as I'd imagined, but pleasingly delightful)
The toilets were just as amazing as the exhibition. I stayed in there for about half and hour, mesmerized, it was like an insane asylum; cold grey walls and tiles, huge sinks and doors, rusty, creaky pipes.
As I made my way to the third room there were some photographs that lured me in just on a wall that led to the room, they were like shots from a crime scene or a film set; grey, stark locations with no sign of life only maybe one or two people. In the room the photographs were huge! Lonely people staring into a distance, in one of them an old woman stands naked in a bleak bathroom, with blood dripping from between her legs. In another, a group of people walk amongst what looks like a destroyed wasteland, covered in scratches and dirt.
I wandered round the building for a good couple of hours, I've never had that feeling in an art gallery before - one that actually provoked emotion and feeling rather than being concerned with who you'll meet or what 'important person' will spot you there. I was totally inspired and touched. Even though the mood wasn't an ecstatically happy one, it was a mood..a feeling..and one that put me in touch with a part of me where there are no words for. 
I felt like a ghost that day, but one with presence.

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