Friday, 22 June 2012


‘OUR’ big society

Ok ‘Dave’ (my, that’s a very chummy name you have there, I bet you were a right lad in your youth), since you still proceed with your Big Society idea we’ll form one! The thing is, our big society might not be what you were wanting.
If you think the state is so unnecessarily bloated, well our big society’s OK with that: we’ll get rid of the state, all of it.
There can never be 'no such thing as society,' but there can be no such thing as state. Maybe you and your party, in all your pomposity, have actually gone too far this time, and whilst you were trying to return us to the harshness’s of the past, whilst you clawed back the land, you’ve actually made us realise we no longer need the likes of you.

- John Ledger

Society of Guilt

Communication is a language, human sexuality is a language. Intimacy and secrecy are vital to human sexuality, sexuality brings us a desire for immateriality. Love and sexuality are immaterial.
The more we are consuming, the more we are pushing aside our true feelings. Why do we consume? To make ourselves feel better – a short term happiness, but material objects don’t really satisfy our happiness, for if they did, we wouldn’t feel the need to keep on consuming. Our desire to consume becomes ever more hungry. Are we afraid to deal with the truth? To confront our fears, our reality and our sexuality?

- Jade Lauren

Globalsapiens. x

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