Friday, 15 June 2012


We strange little creatures get attached to things much too easily.
A raindrop attach's not to the rose as it falls onto her petal lips, they feel each other and know each other right there in the moment; in that moment, and then they move on, they keep living, feeling and growing as they do so.
But we creatures cling, we cling and we attach, craving the same touch and the same feelings over again, maybe to feed our unconscious desires, or to stay close to what we know for comfort and safety.
But what if we opened up to our conscious desires?
What if we became open to other conscious feelings and touch?
Wouldn't we open up a consciousness in ourselves? Wouldn't we grow along the way? Wouldn't we blossom and change?
A flower doesn't grow alone
Wouldn't we then become a part of life; conscious and active? Sexually active - ever changing, experiencing and feeling?
A beat in the heart of life's modern eye.
A conscious change. Evolving.

''Be in a world which includes everything. Not just what you want.''

A petal painted her lips, dew drops dripped south
Falling, ever so gently, along a red and vibrant mouth.

''Life is sex''

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