Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Wings of a golden heart
Replaced by a silver tongue
Leopard races through time
Lion dutifully waits
She waits for the right one
Her protector is her prey
She never followed his way
But instead she waited
She waited for her heart to be captured
For her love to be devoured.
A calling from her master
Awakened her natural senses
And she followed his scent to the heavens
She followed his scent to touch
And without ever knowing too much
She breathed in his breath
Fragments falling within each beat
Of her bleeding heart
Inconsistent and itchy
Itching from her own unintentional spell
Uncovering a radar so deep
That no man ever found the words to tell
That his hunter was his protector 
and his protector was his prey.
Lion leaves no image 
Only a tongue
Of ribboned scars
Falling flat and juicy
Her eyes rest in the stars

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