Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Porcelain Petal

She shivered a castaways dream
Life remained unseen
Until a familiar touch
A familiar sting
Opened her gateway to being.

In the centre of my crown
I inject
I glisten in robes
And welcome, the noble warrior from home.
As gentle as my innards
And as subtle as my screams
This man in me did enter
The pathway to my dreams.
''Such a beautiful rose
Such a beautiful feather''
Father subsided and drowned
And in my heart I found
The child I had shut out
And the woman who I'd drowned.
Bathed in blossomed buckets
I gently raised her head
From the blood stained tepid water.
Rose petals scattered her cheeks.
Falling from the sky;
Rosy tears
Moistened blackened eyes.
She came alive
She came alive in my arms
And as she knelt forwards
She melted her lips to my feet
And on soggy soddened ground
We merged.
Her head rose up as she stiffened,
We twirled into one,
I accepted my darkness
I accepted 
Aloud and in song
We merged into one
We merged into one

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